CBSE Speech Writing For class 6th to 12th

CBSE Speech Writing For class 6th to 12th

Advanced Writing Skills
Speech Writing
Points to remember:
Lay out
1. Write Heading/ Topic of the debate at the top.
2. Address the Audience: Honourable judges, learned teachers and dear students
3. Today I am going to express my views on …………………………………………….
4. The opening sentence should touch the main theme and the last sentence should specify the conclusion of the topic.
5. It is more appropriate that one single paragraph should deal with one thought thoroughly.
6. Develop each point in a systematic and logical manner.
7. Your composition should be meaningful, brief and to the point. Unnecessary or superfluous details or explanations must be avoided.
8. In the end, express thanks to all.
Q1. You are the captain of your school. Write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly on the importance of discipline in life.

by Praveen

Respected teachers and dear students

Today I am here to express my views on the Importance of Discipline in life. You all know well that Discipline is the backbone of any institution as it is the mode of keeping everything in order. It inculcates in us a sense of duty, respect and obedience. It is said and can be seen that we are very much lacking in discipline. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Duty is obedience to the voice of conscience, discipline is necessary not only in schools and colleges but also in all the walks of life. Absence of discipline will lead us to chaos, confusion, and disruption in life’.
We daily hear of strikes, bandhs and demonstrations. These are all the causes of resentment, hatred and indiscipline. For our development and the healthy growth of the society, discipline is a must. The first lesson of discipline starts from home. At the house the child obeys his parents, elders, brothers and gives recognition and respect to others. In case he is left unchecked, he can turn wayward. When a child is taught to rise early, learn his work, do physical exercise and avoid bad company, he will necessary grow to be the best and civilized citizen of a nation. In the battle of Balclova, the Commander ordered his six hundred soldiers to charge the whole regiment of Russian army. Though it was a blunder but none questioned and got victory. It will ever remain a rare example of discipline, chivalry and patriotism.
Hence these is an urgent need of maintaining strict discipline at every step. The value of discipline in the political, social, and economic life of a country is no less important. A disciplined nation can reach to the highest peaks if its citizens are disciplined and man of character. Japan was completely devastated in the Second World War. It is the discipline that has brought it at number one in the whole world today. Hence discipline is a very precious treasure of life.
Thank you
Q2. Write a speech in about 200 words about the Increasing Crime rate against Women.

by Arpit
Honourable judges, learned teachers and dear students

Today I am going to express my views on the increasing crime rate against women. There is no denying the fact that women play a very pivotal role in the making up of a nation but since ages the society has remained male dominated. Biological superiority of man over woman has made him a feelingless animal. Consequently woman was reduced to be just an appendage to man. Man turns her just to satisfy his physical desires. So different types of crimes in the shape of dowry, rape, looting and physical harassment are very much common in the society. Powerful and notorious people do not hesitate to kidnap a pretty lady in the broad day light. Cases of molestation and eye teasing are frequent in the educational institutions. Very often they run to save their honour. In the society man has never considered her on equal footings. She has remained a weak vessel. She is given many sugar coated names like better half, fair sex, devis; but all these words are to beguile this beautiful creation of God. Otherwise she has been abused physically, sexually, morally, economically and politically.
However the scenario is changing very fast after independence. There has occurred major changes. They can be seen on high ranking posts in the offices. They run the government and work as doctors, administrators, businessmen, artists, academicians, engineers and work on to many other jobs. The reservation in Parliament and legislature is one of the major developments on this account. It is just the beginning. The expansion of education has done a meticulous change in the view point of public. But much more remains to be done. But one thing is certain that crime against women and their exploitation will not be taken lying down by more conscious, confident, and aggressive women in future.
Thank you
Q3. During the Autumn break, a team of school students from  Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi visited a village named Kishanpur. The team was much worried on noticing the most pitiable insanitary conditions prevailing there. The team collected the villagers and its leader Mr. Manjeet, gave a short speech on the necessity and benefits of remaining clean. Write the speech in about 200 words.

by Ashok
Ladies and gentlemen

I am happy to see a huge gathering that has come to listen my views on the necessity and benefits of remaining clean. I along with my team of 11 students paid a visit to every corner of your village. We were much shocked to see the heaps of rubbish, garbage and filth collecting everywhere in the village. Even the outskirts of the village was found duly fed by the pigs and dogs. At a few places, the drains were emitting out the foul smell. At some places mosquitoes were seen breeding. Even we saw the people throwing garbage and waste just outside the house. In reality these places become attractive points for mosquitoes, stray dogs, pigs, cows and other animals as well as birds. Thereby there is every likelihood of spreading deadly diseases like malaria, meningitis, dengue and cold fever etc.
Even the outer gate of the city hospital was seen in unhygienic conditions. The people living in JJ clusters were devoid of civic amenities. Hence there is a dire need of creating awareness among all of you. In these conditions, any fatal disease may attack and prevent us leading a safe life. In the best interest of all, it is our sole responsibility to remain clean and keep our surroundings neat as well. All of you should make concerted efforts to avail the basic civic amenities. I may advise you to keep all our eatables under proper protective covers and abstain from stale and unhealthy junk food. We should lead a life enjoying fresh air and fresh vegetables. If we are ready to adopt these minute healthy points, we can prolong our life on this planet.
Thank you
Q4. Vineet Malhotra, a student of Class XII feels highly disturbed to see that many students of his class have taken to smoking. He decides to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the harmful effects of smoking. Write the speech in not more than 200 words.

By Vineet
Honourable Principal, teachers and dear students

Today I am going to express my views on the harmful effects of Smoking. As you know that smoking tobacco in various forms is a worldwide practice. It is quite harmful to health. Each packet of cigarette carries the warning ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. Still people do not abstain from smoking. The habit of smoking is spreading and the young generation is also catching it fast.
Any man who uses tobacco in one way or the other falls a prey to so many ailments. His digestion system gets worse and food is not properly digested. His health starts deteriorating and teeth emit out foul smell. It is a slow poison and opens a gate for death. Many have lost their precious lives.
Smoke contains carbon dioxide which enters human lungs with smoking. Human lungs need oxygen to purify the blood. Carbon dioxide is a foreign element to the lungs. Moreover tobacco smoke has in it the poisonous element called “Nicotine” that can kill a chick. It does not kill a man, but it does cause harm. Nicotine gets mixed up with blood. Then, it becomes the demand of the body to have nicotine and smoking becomes a habit. Smoking causes lack of appetite, narrowness of arteries and lung cancer. Smoking should, therefore, be avoided at all costs.
Thank you
Q5. Hridesh decides to deliver a speech in the morning assembly on the advantages of tree plantation. Write his speech in about 150 words.

Advantages of Tree Plantation
by Hridesh
Respected Principal, Teachers and Dear Friends

Today I, speak to you all on a topic which is really very important for all of us and for the survival of the human race. It is the ‘Importance of Trees’. I am sure that each one of you is aware how important are trees in our life. For example, they take and absorb the heat of the earth. Indeed, they have numerous advantages. Precisely speaking, absorb the dangerous carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere. They help in controlling temperature rise. They bring rains which is ‘life’ for us all. They take the heat of: earth as well as the atmosphere. They provide us shade. They maintain the ecological balance of the earth and provide us with life-giving oxygen. Seeing their enormous benefits we should plant as many trees as possible. The Chipko Movement and Mahotsava celebrations highlight the benefits of the trees.
I feel very sad that we have destroyed much of the flora and fauna for meeting existential needs. But we must replenish the depleting forests by planting more trees at every possible inch of the land. Our life depends on trees. We s~ educate the people about the benefits of growing more trees. This way we can c our environment from the environmental pollution. I am of the opinion that we take a pledge to plant more and more trees to make the earth a safe place for our and also for the coming generations.
Thank you
Q6. You are Sangeeta/Sahil. You have been selected to represent your school in an All India Debate Competition organized by the National Children Club, Amritsar. The topic is: In the opinion of the House “Minimization of Human Wants is the only way to cleanse society of all kinds of corruption”

by Sahil

Respected Audience

I am here to present my viewrs as to how we can cleanse our society from all
kinds of corruption. Here it is most urgent to note that aspirations always give birth to certain demands and in order to achieve them we adopt different types of strategies. Side by side we have come under the influence of the affluent countries that ofter only the cheap cult of their civilization. Without any meditation, we hanker after them and fail to analyse their utility in this Vedic country of Rishis and Munis.
Not to speak of this, science too has transformed our lives into comfortable living. The modern gadgets, telephones, televisions, computers and so many other inventions as well as literature have opened window to seek better results. Today our economy is very sound and we should be proud for purchasing foreign companies. This has given a very good boost to our economy as well as wants. Gone are the days of living in mud houses or sleeping on the land without electricity. So our wants are multiplying with the time, money and advancement. But this aspiration of hoarding money has corrupted from the lowest web of life to the high ranking bureaucrats. Their modes and ideologies have changed. It is apt to change with the time but we must not forget the leaders like Gandhi and Shastri who were devoid of three digit figures of their assets. They led a life of peace, contentment and sanctity with bare needs of life. If we want to lead a very smooth life, we should minimise our wants. We should remain within our means. This will clean the society from all kinds of corruption.
Thank you
Questions for Practice

Q1.  You are Mohan/Meeta. You are worried abort the hikes in the prices of essential commodities like LPG, pulses, vegetables etc. Write a speech onthis in about 150-200 words for the morning assembly suggesting certainsteps to curb inflation.
Rising prices
Good morning to all of you.
Today I am here to express my views on Price Rise – a constant problem…..
Suggested value points
I. Passage
1.       start with rising price index in India
2.       Worldwide phenomena with hike in petrol price, natural gas etc.
II. Passage
1.       Write problems related to it to the low income group people, salaried
2.       People, pensioners, labour class etc.
1.       increases in population
2.    &nbs

p;  more demand less production (supply)
3.       hoarding, false short supply
4.       black marketing
5.       rise and fall of equity shares in stock exchange
6.       defective planning and distribution system
7.       Corruption by beurocrates
8.       increase in standard of living
9.       M.N.C groups – high pay scale.
III. Passage
1.       Suggestions. strict stops by government to increase the fair prices
2.       strict action against corrupt officials
3.       awareness of general public
4.       use right to information develop public distribution system
5.       any other relevant point